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Services Offered

Only with regular service will your piano be most enjoyable to play and hear. While a spinet piano will never sound like a concert grand, neither one will sound good without the skilled hands of a tuner/technician.  The touch of the keyboard should be easy and consistent.  The sound should be even, colorful, and with a wide dynamic  range capable of  artistic expression.  All the various parts need to work together to make this happen.

Piano tunings: are performed accurately and musically by ear or computer.  I often use a hybrid approach, which involves listening to the whole instrument as a musician instead of just watching an electronic display alone.  I can tune completely by ear if requested, which I have specialized in for decades.  The computer is an added tool that is very useful to me. 

 I usually tune to concert pitch A=440 Hz in equal temperament, but can use historical tunings or to an alternate pitch standard, such as A=442 if needed.  Interior cleaning and pedal adjustments are included in the normal tuning price.

I consider it poor practice to tune a piano "to itself" when it comes to concert pitch.  I will endeavor to tune every piano properly unless it is antique or in very poor condition, and I will certainly discuss the matter with you before tuning a piano "to itself".  A piano that is 1/4 step low in pitch is not really in tune.  Musician's ears will struggle with such tunings, and the piano will not be playable with many other instruments or recordings.

Recommended Service: Every piano needs to be tuned at least once a year.  In addition, repairs, action regulation, and voicing will need be performed at times, depending on usage and performance requirements.  The better pianos require and deserve the best care and service.

Major Repairs:
  We do restringing, key bushing refelting, keytop replacement, ivory repair, action rebuilding, hammer replacement, Dampp Chaser climate control installation, and many kinds of major repairs.  We sell and install new piano benches, castors, piano stage dollies, and covers.

Major Rebuilding and Refinishing: Pinblock and soundboard replacement are major rebuilding items that will be referred to competent specialists.  Piano refinishing is difficult and not a recommended do it yourself job except for inexpensive pianos.  I do not refinish pianos, but there are a few refinishers that I can recommend for piano work.

Player and Digital Pianos:  I am factory certified in servicing Yamaha Disklavier player pianos.  Minor repairs and service are sometimes possible with older pneumatic (air) player pianos, but we do not specialize in them.  There are very limited options for player rebuilding in this area, all quite expensive.  We do not repair digital keyboards or digital pianos.  Check the manufactor's listing for service online to find a service center.  You will have to transport the keyboard to them.

Piano Moving:  We do not move pianos:  I recommend Rick Howard's Piano Moving,  831-338-6339

IntroductionNoted ClienteleRecommendationsServices OfferedFAQ'sContact Us